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  • The AR8500 WindfreeTM model is the front line of defense against poor indoor air quality. Rest assured that your family breathes clean air as it comes with a Tri-care filter system with triple care to offer cleaner air. This includes 3 Layers that include a high-density filter to extract dust and fibres and a zeolite coating to capture fine dust, viruses, bacteria, and allergens. With its AI Auto cooling function, it provides convenience by analysing your preferred mode & room conditions and automatically switching to the most appropriate operating mode. Smart Wi-Fi enabled and voice control with SmartThings App, allowing remote control and monitoring of your aircon unit, anytime and anywhere. Model Code AR09BSEAMWK/FA AR12BSEA


SKU: AR809
R13 247,00Price
  • · Wi-Fi enabled – through the Samsung SmartThings App, control and monitor your aircon unit remotely, anytime, anywhere
    · AI Auto Cooling – the power of artificial intelligence automatically optimizes the various modes by analyzing the room conditions and your usage patterns
    · Tri Care Filter – with zeolite coating to eliminate allergens, viruses and bacteria
    ·WindfreeTM Cooling – uses 77% less energy than Fast Cooling to save costs
    · Powerful & farther airflow – more airflow up to 15m